Fixed On You

written January 22 through February 23, 2012

Fixed on You 

Keep my heart fixed on You, Lord,

As I go about my day;

Help me maintain my focus in which

All my thoughts and actions are offered to You as a gift.


My thoughts, especially, so easily fall prey

To impatience and cynicism and indifference.

Help me cleanse my mind each day, Father,

Of all but those thoughts worthy of You and your love.


Build in me an internal workroom, if it is Your Will,

Full of all the tools just at hand;

Where I can go to build a stronger faith, a more loving spirit,

A being through which Your love may flow more freely like a river.


Keep my eyes fixed on You, O Lord,

Help me to find Your face in all those I see;

Help me to see beyond others’ weakness and misfortune

To find Your light pouring through their eyes into my heart.


Fix the words of my mouth to Your holy purpose,

That they might bring comfort and joy to those they touch;

Cleanse them of sarcasm and worldliness and

Bind them up in Your golden yoke, enslaving them each day to Your will.


Make my actions and my words acceptable, Father,

That those who know me to be Your child may see Your good work;

Take Your truth and breathe it deep into my heart,

Fill me…So fill me with Your essence

That all that I am, wherever I am is pleasing in Your sight.


Keep my mind fixed on You, Lord.

That all that I am, all that I say and do may

Be offered to You each day as a gift

In deep appreciation for Your Love

Which flows like a river into my heart

Enslaving me constantly to Your will

That I may be pleasing in Your sight.

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